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Abbreviations used in AARs
APCArmor-piercing capped projectile
APOArmy Post Office
CPCommand Post
DOWDied of Wounds
EMEnlisted Men
FAField Artillery
GOGeneral Order
GPGeneral Purpose
HEHigh Explosive
KIAKilled in Action
LIALightly Injured in Action
LWALightly Wounded in Action
M-10U.S. Army Self-propelled Tank Destroyer vehicle
M-8U.S. Army lightly armored wheeled reconnaissance vehicle
MIAMissing in Action
Mk IVGerman Army Panzer IV medium tank
Mk VIGerman Army Panzer VI Tiger heavy tank
PWPrisoners of War
Rd(s)Road(s); Round(s)
SIASeriously Injured in Action
SWASeriously Wounded in Action
TDTank Destroyer
WIAWounded in Action
WOWarrant Officer
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Headquarters 634th Tank Destroyer Battalion

APO 230, U. S. Army

1 April 1945

Subject: After Action Reports.

To: The Adjutant General, War Department, Washington, D. C.

1. Following report for the 634th Tank Destroyer Battalion for the month of March 1945 is submitted:

a. Original unit: No change.

b. Changes in organization: No change.

c. Strength:

0001, 1 Feb 45:36 Officers2 WO581 EM
2400, 28 Feb 45:38 Officers2 WO583 EM
Net Gains and Losses:2 GainsSame2 Gains

d. Stations:CoordinatesDate of ArrivalDate of Departure
Kreusau, Germany. (WF021391) 27 Feb 451 Mar 45
Bubemhiem, Germany, (WF167428) 1 Mar 456 Mar 45
Blieshiem, Germany, (WF352432) 6 Mar 458 Mar 45
Dersdorf, Germany, (WF458402) 8 Mar 4518 Mar 45
Honnef, Germany, (WF640278) 18 Mar 4521 Mar 45
Heisterbacherrott, Germany, (WF650326) 21 Mar 4526 Mar 45
Uckerath, Germany, (WF740364) 8 Mar 4518 Mar 45
Witteherke, Germany, (WF847345) 27 Mar 4528 Mar 45
Giesenhausen, Germany, (WF987337) 28 Mar 4529 Mar 45
Flammersbach, Germany, (WG309363) 29 Mar 4531 Mar 45
Biedenkopf, Germany, (WG559567) 31 Mar 45None

e. Marches: See Appendix No. 1.

f. Campaign:

(1) Name - Germany

(2) Duration - Began 15 Sep 44 and continues at date of this report.

(3) Purpose: Destruction of German Armies.

(4) Authority - WD Gen Orders No. 80, dtd 5 Oct 44.

g. Battles: See appendix No. 1.

h. Commanding Officers in important engagements:


i. Losses in action:

Grade or RankNameASNType of CasualtyDates in Feb and Mar
SgtFrank J. Vojtisek37023214KIA27 Feb 45
Tec 4Jacob Datema, Jr.36182001KIA27 Feb 45
CplHarold W. Karr37475225KIA27 Feb 45
PfcEugene Williams34813566LWA2 Mar 45
PfcAlbert S. Simison35812435LWA6 Mar 45
CplJohn O. Rardin36347654LWA7 Mar 45
PvtMorton P. Meisner12226938LWA8 Mar 45
PvtBryant D. Stevenson34826349LIA10 Mar 45
PfcJames E. Fears18130984LWA14 Mar 45
CplArnold B. Shelman36268532LWA18 Mar 45
Tec 4Anthony P. Cherry36345261LWA19 Mar 45
PvtJohn V. Cronin12058830LIA19 Mar 45
CplJohn J. Moskal36341223KIA19 Mar 45
SgtLee J. Wrona36608537LWA19 Mar 45
Tec 4Paul E. Vertz37185632LWA20 Mar 45
PvtRobert M. Hallman37750224LWA20 Mar 45
SgtGeorge L. Smith37186291LWA24 Mar 45
SgtArthur G. Motschenbacher37026539SWA25 Mar 45
SgtDonald J. Sturm39661607LWA25 Mar 45
CplRobert T. Smith38176316LWA25 Mar 45
PvtErvan Campbell33437207LWA25 Mar 45
PvtAnton J. Kuntz39724948LIA25 Mar 45
PfcGeorge A. LaRosa11131466LWA25 Mar 45
SgtClifton L. Gipson33628762KIA25 Mar 45
PfcBruce K. Floyd6965545KIA25 Mar 45
PfcEdward T. Gracia38197712KIA25 Mar 45
PfcWillard J. St Arnold20713137LWA27 Mar 45
Tec 5Edwin E. Erickson20714960KIA27 Mar 45
PfcWally P. Kopala36344823KIA27 Mar 45
SgtGeorge C. Kahora32236377SWA27 Mar 45
Tec 4Salvatore J. Gerbino32236716LWA27 Mar 45
PfcDelmas W. Clark34854426SWA27 Mar 45
PfcJohn J. Miller36269471SWA27 Mar 45
PfcLeonard Nerenberg42030511SWA27 Mar 45
PfcEdward E. Whalen32348984KIA27 Mar 45
PfcArthur R. Johnston32999044LWA27 Mar 45
Tec 4George D. Baker20714212LWA29 Mar 45
PfcMarion P. Findley38212093LWA29 Mar 45
PfcHarold F. Gooding35220685SWA29 Mar 45
Tec 4Torrance P. White34211115KIA30 Mar 45
PfcLeonard W. Hansman36294324LWA30 Mar 45
CplAndrew D. Joslin37043419SWA31 Mar 45
PfcKenneth H. Kast20714351KIA29 Mar 45

j. Former members who have distinguished themselves in action: All General Orders hereafter listed were published by Hq, 1st U. S. Infantry Division, APO 1, U. S. Army.

SgtAnton S. Jozefowicz32236172Bronze Star Medal GO 33 7 Feb 45
PfcFrank V. Zlodi36268220Bronze Star Medal GO 33 7 Feb 45
PvtWilliam T. Manning33628631Bronze Star Medal GO 38 13 Feb 45
SgtFrank P Groeber32263869Oak Leaf Cluster to Bronze Star Medal GO 39 14 Feb 45
SgtClinton F. Doran38212263Oak Leaf Cluster to Bronze Star Medal GO 40 15 Feb 45
PvtRobert L. Davin20715953Bronze Star Medal GO 41 16 Feb 45
SgtCharles A. Strenk33240401Bronze Star Medal GO 43 18 Feb 45
Tec 4Jacob Datema, Jr.36182001Bronze Star Medal GO 46 24 Feb 45
CplSevearn J. Struyk33628331Bronze Star Medal GO 47 25 Feb 45
S SgtJohn F. Larson20713531Bronze Star Medal GO 47 25 Feb 45

Present members who have distinguished themselves in action. All General Orders hereafter listed were published by Hq, 1st U. S. Infantry Division, APO 1, U. S. Army.

PfcAlbert M. Shultz35468985Bronze Star Medal GO 48 26 Feb 45
Tec 4Harold L. Chronis36267386Bronze Star Medal GO 48 26 Feb 45
1st SgtJohn L. Arnquist37026708Silver Star Medal GO 48 26 Feb 45
CplWeldon C. Henson38181680Bronze Star Medal CO 49 27 Feb 45
Tec 4Carl T. Howard36172962Bronze Star Medal GO 50 3 Mar 45
SgtMarius E. Hulse3--07639Bronze Star Medal GO 50 3 Mar 45
S SgtJohn E. Jones37043366Bronze Star Medal GO 50 3 Mar 45
S SgtDarrel E. Beauregard20715937Bronze Star Medal GO 51 4 Mar 45
T SgtCarl T. Butler20715902Bronze Star Medal GO 51 4 Mar 45
T SgtMilo W. Miller20716632Silver Star Medal GO 51 4 Mar 45
Tec 5Julian J. Trela36347792Bronze Star Medal GO 52 5 Mar 45
Tec 5Gerrit Eylander36343424Bronze Star Medal GO 52 5 Mar 45
CplBen S. Arnold34828170Bronze Star Medal GO 52 5 Mar 45
PfcWalter B. Forrester38181973Bronze Star Medal GO 53 6 Mar 45
Tec 4Wiley B. Lemoine38187949Bronze Star Medal GO 53 6 Mar 45
S SgtJohn S. Fults20715909Bronze Star Medal GO 53 6 Mar 45
SgtDonald E. Johns20716676Bronze Star Medal GO 56 14 Mar 45
SgtHarris Quanrud37043723Bronze Star Medal GO 56 14 Mar 45
PfcJames L. Walsh35901814Bronze Star Medal GO 57 16 Mar 45
SgtClarence E. Bell20715890Silver Star Medal GO 59 20 Mar 45
S SgtFrank G. Weisbrod20713480Bronze Star Medal GO 59 20 Mar 45

k. Photographs: None.

l. Inclosures: Battalion Journal from 1 Mar 45 to 31 Mar 45 inclosed and the complete file in support thereof.

Henry L. Davisson,
Lt. Col., F. A.,

4 Incls:
1. Battalion Journal
2. Supporting Documents 1 Mar 45 to 8 Mar 45 incl.
3. Supporting Documents 9 Mar 45 to 20 Mar 45 incl.
4. Supporting Documents 21 Mar 45 to 31 Mar 45 incl.

Headquarters 634th Tank Destroyer Battalion

APO 230 U. S. Army

1 April 1945

1. Narrative:

a. 1 March 1945: Weather: Cloudy with intermittent rains. Visibility: Fair.

As the period opened 634th Tank Destroyer Bn was atchd to the 1st U.S. Inf. Div. The attachment was further broken down as follows:

Co "A" atchd to the 26th Inf. Regt. with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Platoons (hereinafter referred to as 1A, 2A, 3A) atchd to the 3rd, 1st, 2nd Battalions respectively.

Co "B" atchd to the 18th Inf. Regt

Co "C" atchd to the 16th Inf. Regt. with 1C, 2C and 3C atchd to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Bns respectively.

Rcn Co atchd to TF "DAVISSON" whose other elements were the 1st Div Rcn Troops, 634th TD Bn Med Det, and elements of the 745th Tank Bn (Light Tk Co, one Mortar Plat, one 105mm Howitzer Plat). The TF "DAVISSON" was commanded by LT. COL. HENRY L. DAVISSON, 634th TD Bn.

The battalion was disposed as follows:

Hq and Hq Co were located in vicinity of ROMMELSHEIM (166427) . The Co "A" CP was at OBERMAUBACH (100375) . 1A moved during the day with the 3rd Bn, 26th Inf. to an assembly area in KELZ (190410) . 2A supported 1st Bn, 26th Inf which moved from assembly area in GLADBACH to pass through 16th Inf to attach ERP. After receiving arty and mortar fire around 1600A, the plat was reported 1930A at (267413) . 3A was assembled in SOLLER (160370) with 2nd Bn, 26th Inf. Co "B" CP was in FRAUWILLESHEIM (178445) . 1B supported 1st Bn, 18th Inf which took ESCHWEILER EBER FELD and PINGSHEIM (266453) during the day. At 0715A the plat. fired 49 rds HE and 19 rds APC at enemy Inf. and two towed guns at (287456) . Range 2200 yards. Results unknown. 2B supported 2nd Bn, 18th Inf. in capturing RATH early in the day and WISSERSHEIM around 1400A after moving through ESCHWEILER and NORVENICH. At RATH (259468) the plat. fired 41 rds HE and 7 rds APC to destroy one GP vehicle, two Mark V tks, several enemy Inf. and one enemy pill-box at (267475) . Plat was located in Rath (259468) at end of day. 3B moved to Norvenich (231458) and at close of the day was supporting 3rd Bn, 18th Inf in attack toward Gymnich (303491) . One man was LWA by bomb fragment. Co "C" CP and all platoons were assembled in Kreuzau (120392) and were occupied with reoganization. Rcn Co was atchd to TF "Davisson" which relieved TF "Crawford", 8th U.S. Inf Div, and became atchd to 18th Inf Regt. during the day. The task force mission was to protect the left flank of the Div. and to maintain contact with the 8th U.S. Inf. Div. At 1100 A the TF CP moved from vicinity of Rommelsheim through Golzheim and by 1500A was located Seelrath (210501) . Rcn Co moved from its assembly area in Jakobwudlesheim through Golheim to vicinity of at 2015A. TF"D" passed to Div. control from the 18th Regt. at 1800A.

d. 4 March 1945: Weather: Slight snow in early morning turning to steady rain & wind. Visibility: Poor.

Co A CP moved from Kelb to Lechenich (323451) during the day. 1A jumped off with the 1st Bn, 26th Inf. during the early morning hours and captured Bliesheim (350430) . The CT spent the remainder of the day improving its positions in Bliesheim and around the bridgehead it had secured across the Erft River. 2A jumped off with the 2nd Bn late in the evening to clean up the area around Ober-Liblar. 3A remained in Lechenich. Co "B" in reserve with the 18th Regt, had no changes during the day. Co "C" CP remained in Kelz. During the early morning 1C with the 1st Bn, 16th Inf. relieved 310th Inf Regt and cleaned out Weilerswist (370400) during the remainder of the day. 2C and 3C moved with their Inf. Bn's into assembly area in Friesheim (320400) . Rcn Co with TF"Davisson" remained assembled in Hochkirchen (228448) and busied itself with maintenance and reorganization.

e. 5 March 1945: Weather: Cool and cloudy. Visibility: Fair.

Co "A" CP remained unchanged. 1A supporting the 1st Bn, 26th Inf. jumped off at 1200A from Bliesheim and cut the Weilerswist-Bruhl road and secrued a jumb off place for the CT. At 1930A they jumped off for Dorf Pingsdorf and were fighting SE of there at the end of the day. 2A remained in Ober Liblar (360460) . 3A jumped off at 1200A with the 3rd Bn and at the end of the day were fighting near their objective, Walberberg (420440) . Co "B" had no changes and no action during this day. Co "C" CP moved to Kuhlseggen (368413) . 1C supported 1st Bn, 16th Inf in securing objective in the woods E of Weilerswist by 1630A. 2C attacked from Weilerswist at 1200A with the 2nd Bn, 16th Inf. and seized the town of Metternich (430410) by 1530A. 3C supported the 3rd Bn, 16th Inf. in cleaning out an enemy strong point NE of Weilerswist and continued through the woods to Rosberg and Merten. Rcn Co with TF"D" remaining in Hochkirchen was occupied with maintenance.

f. 6 March 1945: Weather: Cool with light rains. Visibility: Poor.

Bn Hq moved at 0930A from vicinity of Rommelsheim (166427) to Bliesheim (352432) . Hq Co moved at 1300A from (166427) to Herrig (290450) . Co "A" CP remained in place. 1A with 1st Bn, 26th Inf. occupied Dorf Pingsdorf at 0005A after having neutralized an enemy OP with 12 rds HE and 6 rds AP late in the evening of 5 March. By 0630A the CT had captured successively Kol Pingsdorf, Badorf, and Eckdorf. These positions were maintained throughout the day. 2A remained in Ober Liblar preparing for jump off to Bruhl with the 2nd Bn, 26th Inf. 3A supported the 3rd Bn, 26th Inf. in seizing Schwadorf and Walberberg (420440) where it was in firing positions at the end of the day. Co "B" CP remained unchanged. 1B moved from Pingsheim (266453) to Metternich (403382) and was making preparations to continue the attack with the 18th Inf. as was 2B and 3B who remained in place. 1B fired two test rounds of Star Shell. In the absence of Captain John F. Thompson, 1st Lt Emmett R. Duffy assumed temporary command of the company at 0830A. Co "C" CP remained in place. 1C supported the 1st Bn, 16th Inf. in capturing Hemmerich, Kardorf and Waldorf during early morning darkness and the platoon remained in support of the Inf. throughout the day. 2C supported the 2nd Bn, 16th Inf. in attacks that seized Dersdorf and Ullekoven in advance toward the objective, Bornheim. 3C advanced in support of the 3rd Bn, which continued its attack to cut the Walberberg - Bornheim road. The mission was completed by 0200A and the Inf. were dug-in in Merten, Rosber, and Trippelsdorf. Rcn Co remained with TF"D: which moved its CP from Hochkirchen to Buschfeld (352446) . Rcn Co moved at 1300A to an assembly area in Liblar (348461) where at 1630A the company was lightly shelled. At 0700A TF"D" passed from Div control and was atchd to the 26th Inf. Regt.

g. 7 March 1945: Weather: Overcast. Visibility: Poor.

Co "A" CP remained unchanged while 1A held its firing positions of 6 March in vicinity Drof Pingsdorf. At 0600A 2A advanced to capture Bruhl with the 2nd Bn, 26th Inf. and the Plat. remained in Bruhl throughout the day. 3A continued in its firing positions in vicinity Walberberg. Co "B" CP moved at 0900A from Norvenich to Weillersweist (370402) and then to Dunstekhoven (431337) at 1630A. All platoons moved during the day to vicinity of Buschhoven (462318) in preparation for an advance into Bonn with the 18th Inf. Regt. Co "C" CP moved during the day from Kuhlseggen to vicinity Hemmerich (430408) . 2C supported the 2nd Bn, 16th Inf. in its continuing attack which cleared Brenig, Botzdorf and Bronheim prior to 1200A. 3C with the 3rd Bn, 16th Inf. passed through 2C and the 2nd Inf. Bn. in the early afternoon to take Roisdorf and Alfter. The Plat. had one EM LWA by a wire presumably strung across a road by civilians. Rcn Co was still atchd during the morning hours to TF"D" which moved its CP to Brenig (460397) . At 0930A the company was alerted for a Recon-in-force to the RHine River in the 26th Inf. sector with other elements of TF"D". Around 1030A the combat elements of the company moved-to a forward assembly area at (383436) . However, at 1330A the following elements of TF"D" were sub-atchd on Div. order and the Recon-in-force was cancelled: 745th Tk Bn's 105mm Plat. went to Cannon Co. 16th Inf. Regt., 745th Mortar Plat. went to 3rd Bn, 16th Inf., the light tk Co to 2nd Bn, 16th Inf., 1st Div. Rcn Troop to 18th Inf Regt. TF"D" became atchd to CT 16 at 1400A and Rcn Co assembled in Brenig (460397) by 1430A. On orders the 2nd and 3rd Rcn Plat's. had completed road blocks at (439417) and (446413) respectively by 1845A. By 1930A the 2nd Plat. had contacted the Mine Plat., 26th Inf. on its left. No enemy were contacted. The pioneer Plat. took one PW in Brenig at 1700A and took him to the 16th Inf Regt. CP.

h. 8 March 1945: Weather: Cold, light continuous rain. Visibility: Hampered by heavy mist.

The Bn CP now rejoined by former elements of TF"D" moved to vicinity of Dersdorf (458402) prior to 1200A. Hq Co moved from Herrig to Brenig (460396) . Co "A" CP remained in Lechenich (373451) throughout the day. At 1130A the 26th Inf. Regt. was relieved in its sector; so all platoons moved from their firing positions occupied on 7 March 1945 and assembled in vicinity of Company CP in Lechenich. At 1600A, 1A moved to rejoin the 1st Bn, 26th Inf. in a forward assembly area in vicinity of Alfter. Co "B" CP moved from Dunstekoven (431337) and at the close of the day was located in vicinity of Duisdorf (512352) . 1B moved from Buschhoven (472325) and at 0400A supported the attack of 1st Bn, 18th Inf. on Duisdorf. After a stiff fight in which the Plat. fired 12 rds HE from (519354) into the woods at (536347) . Duisdorf was captured and the CT moved to capture Lengsdorf. 2B moved early in the day from Buschhoven, and at 1330A jumped off from Duisdorf and aided the 2nd Bn, 18th Inf. in first capturing Endenich, and then in moving into Bonn where at the end of the day the platoon was located at (550374) . 3B also moved from Buschhoven and supporting elements of the 3rd Bn, 18th Inf. cleared Ollehoven prior to advancing into Bonn where at the end of the day 3B location was (548363) . Co "C" CP did not move during the day. 1C attacked with the 1st Bn, 16th Inf. at 0400A from Alfter along the road to Bonn and by 1600A had joined the 3rd Bn in vicinity (554381) . 2C aided the 2nd Bn in protecting the left flank of the 1st & 3rd Bn's. 2 EM were wounded slightly when mortar shell hit their M-10. 3C supporting the 3rd Bn, attacked from vicinity of Roisdorf at 0400A, and by 0700A had reached the Rhine River at (554390) . The Plat. fired 2 rds APC and 2 rds HVAP to destroy one enemy half-track and one GP vehicle. Rcn Co was relieved of its mission on roadblocks at 0730A and set up a screen and defensive positions with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Plat's. occupying positions at (478409) , (479408) and (475408) respectively. At 1730A the entire company moved to assembly area in Roisdorf and was joined there by a Plat. of 745th Tk Bn to aid in the company's new mission of advancing to the Rhine River through Buschdorf. After extensive dismounted reconnaissance, the company pushed into Buschdorf (519401) after the town had received a preparatory arty. barrage at 2200A. By 2400A the town was cleared and defensive positions were coordinated. 3 PW's were taken.

i. 9 March 1945: Weather: Overcast with Scattered Clouds. Visibility: Good.

Co "A" CP with 2A and 3A remained in Lechenich throughout the day. Rest and maintenance were the order of the day. At 1730A, 1A left Alfter and rejoined the company in Lechenich. Co "B" CP moved from Duisdorf into Bonn (545361) . 1B remained in position occupied on 8 March. By the end of the day 2B and 3B had changed their positions inside Bonn and were at (558367) and (565356) respectively. Co "C" CP moved to (5143782). After supporting their respective Inf. Bn's in slight gains in Bonn during the daylight hrs., all platoons were released to company control at 1900A. 2C fired 3 rds APC and 25 rds HE supporting fire during the day. Rcn Co supported by a Light Tk Plat. jumped off at 0600A from Buschdorf and by 0830A had captured and cleared Grau-Rheindorf (530400) . 85 prisoners (one of which was found sleeping in the nude with his girl friend), were taken. Twelve 20mm AA guns were destroyed in vicinity of (538398) and seven more were destroyed in vicinity of (544398) - all by the Pioneer Plat. By 1030A contact had been established with the 32nd Cav. Squadron on the left at Hersel (515415) and Co I, 16th Inf. on the right at (545399) .

j. 10 March 1945: Weather: Cold & cloudy. Visibility: Poor.

Co "A" CP moved from Lechenich to vicinity of Bruhl (390482) . 1A, 2A & 3A remained assembled at Co CP. Co "B" CP remained in Bonn (544361) and the platoons occupied the following position. 1B in Duisdorf (512352) . 2B in Bonn (556378) and 3B in Bonn (558371) . Co "C" CP moved from Bonn to Dransdorf (517377) . 1C, 2C and 3C are all assembled in immediate vicinity of Co CP. Rcn Co attached to TF"Davisson) and occupied positions on West Bank of Rhine River until relieved by Co "K" 18th Inf. Regt. at 1530A. A total of 19 AA weapons were destroyed by Rcn Co. in the mopping up of their Co area. Entire Rcn Co assembled in Roisdorf with Co CP at (491398) . 1st Lt Warner (L. Off.) captured 8 PW's while on the way to Div. CP, during morning of 10 Mar. 45.

k. 11 March 1945: Weather: Cold & Cloudy. Visibility: Poor.

Bn Hq moved from Brenig to Dersdorf (458402) . Co "A" CP remained in Bruhl (390482) and all platoons are assembled in vicinity of Co CP performing maintenance and refitting, in preparation for future operations. Co "B" CP remained in Bonn (544361) with platoons in position (551390) . Co C CP remained in Dransdorf (517377) . All platoons were assembled at Co CP performing maintenance and reorganization. Rcn Co assembled in Roisdorf for maintenance and rest. Co CP at (491398) . TF "Davisson" was dissolved effective 1200A this date. Component parts of TF"D" reverted to control of parent organizations. Hq, 634th TD Bn was detached from Div. Arty. and reverts to control of 1st US Inf. Div.

l. 12 March 1945: Weather: Misty and cool. Visibility: Very poor.

Bn Hq and Hq Co remained in Dersdorf and Brenig respectively and Co "A" remained assembled in vicinity of Bruhl performing maintenance and rest. Co "B" CP remained in Bonn (544361) and all platoons remained in positions on west bank of Rhine River in Bonn, Germany. Co "C" CP remained in Dransdorf (517377) with all platoons assembled at Co CP preparing for future operations. Rcn Co assembled in Roisdorf performing maintenance and preparing for future operations. Co CP in Roisdorf (491398) .

m. 13 March 1945: Weather: Cool & Cloudy. Visibility: Poor.

All units of 634th TD Bn remained in place performing maintenance and preparing for future operations on east bank of Rhine River. on 13 March 1945, 3B destroyed 1 enemy OP and 1 AT Gun (88mm) by direct fire from west bank of Rhine River in Bonn, Germany, expending 52 rds HE and 4 rds APC.

n. 14 March 1945: Weather: Continued cool & cloudy. Visibility: Poor.

All units of 634th TD Bn remained in place performing maintenance and preparing for future operations on East Bank of Rhine.

o. a5 March 1945: Weather: Broken clouds. Visibility: Fair.

Co "A" moved with 26th CT to an assembly area east of Rhine River in Remaggen Bridgehead. Co CP is in Bruchausen (658228) . Co "B" platoons assembled at Co CP for maintenance and rest preparatory to crossing into the bridgehead area. Co CP remained in Bonn (544361) . Co "C" remained the same with all platoons, assembled at Co CP in Dransdorf (517377) . Rcn Co performing maintenance and preparing for future operations in their assembly area in Roisdorf. Co CP remained at Roisdorf (491398) .

p. 16 March 1945: Weather: Broken clouds, & winds. Visibility: Poor to fair.

Co "A" CP remained in Bruchausen (658228) with all platoons assembled in the immediate vicinity. Co "B" moved with CT 18 to a forward assembly area on the east bank of the Rhine River. All platoons are assembled in the immediate vicinity of the Co CP at Honnef (646264) . Co "C" remained in assembly area in Dransdorf with Co CP at (517377) . Rcn Co remained in Roisdorf at Co CP (491398) . Hq Co moved from Brenig to forward Div. Trin's area in the vicinity of Niedrich. Co CP at (565265) .

q. 17 March 1945: Weather: Cloudy & rain showers. Visibility: poor.

Bn CP moved forward from Dersdorf to Honnef (640277) , traveling a distance of 43 miles. CP group passed over the Rhine River on a pontoon bridge between Kripp and Linz on Rhine River. Co "A" CP remained the same and all platoons rejoined their respective Bn's and attacked for their assigned objectives. 1A supporting 1st Bn, 26th Inf attacked at 0600A to secure high ground at (712280) . By 1600A the objective was secure and 3A supporting 3rd Bn passed thru 1A to secure objective at (728290) . 2A closed in forward assembly area (690280) by 2400A. Co "B" CP remained in Honnef (673315) . During the hours of darkness the platoons rejoined their respective companies preparatory to the attack. 2B in support of 2nd Bn, 18th Inf. completed the relief of 309th Inf. in position by 0830A. At 1445A an enemy counter-attack was stopped and 2B was credited with destroying 1 Mk VI tank, expending 9 rds HVAP T-4. 3B in support of 3rd Bn attacked at 0600A and at 0950A had secured their objective at Grafenhorn. At 1745A an enemy counter-attack was repulsed. 1B attached to 1st Bn closed in forward assembly area vicinity (675295) Ruttscheid. Co "C" CP moved from Dransdorf to Honneff (635266) . All platoons rejoined their respective Inf. Bn's and moved across the Rhine River into the Remaggen Bridgehead area to a forward assembly area in Rhondorf. Co CP at (631289) .

r. 18 March 1945: Weather: Warm with scattered clouds: Visibility Fair.

Co "A" CP remained in Bruchausen (658228) . 3A with 3rd Bn continued its attack and at 0400A seized Hill 363. At 0230A, 2A with 2nd Bn moved out to attack Orscheid. At 0500A they occupied the town. At 2000A 1A and 1st Bn passed through 3A and at 2335A wre on outskirts of Stockhausen. Co "B" CP in Honnef (646267) . At 0500A, 1B & 2B attacked for the high ground to the northeast. At 0506A 3B and 3rd Bn received a counterattack from the north, and approximately one hour later 2B with 2nd Bn was on its objective. 3B expended 26 rds HE and 6 rds APC at enemy strong-points and in woods. 2B with 2nd Bn passed thru 1B and attacked Quirrenback from the north. In the afternoon the town was taken. Co "C" CP in Honnef (635266) . Platoons are in assembly areas with their respective Bn's and the 16th Inf. is designated as Div. Reserve. Rcn Co remained in assembly in Rhondorf. Co CP at (631289) .

s. 19 March 1945: Weather: Warm & clear. Visibility: Excellent.

Hq Co CP moved from Niedrich to Honnef (636280) closing in at 191545A. This move puts all elements of 634th TD Bn on the east bank of the Rhine River. Co "A" CP at Bruchausen (658228) . 1A with 1st Bn consolidated their positions in and north of Stockhausen (728288) . 2A with 2nd Bn attacked from Willscheid and by daylight had secured Gratzfield (718310) . Continuous heavy SP and arty fire was encountered. At 0900A the attack was continued to the east to secure objective at (735315) . 3A with 3rd Bn attacked at 2000A thru 1A to secure objective at 7431. Co "B" CP remained in Honnef (646267) . 2B with 2nd Bn attacked at 0900A to seize the town of Budenbach (719322) and by 1400A the town was secure. At 1830A the 2nd Bn positions were attacked by a small number of enemy tanks and again at 2145A they received a strong counterattack by tanks and Inf. on the northeast and southeast which lasted until 2315A. Heavy enemy arty fire fell on these positions during the period. 1 EM KIA by enemy arty. 1A with 1st Bn attacked to the east at 0900A and met strong resistance by Inf. in the woods. Elements of the 1st Bn cut the auto-bahn at (714327) . Co "C" CP in Honnef. Platoons remained in forward assembly area with their respective Bn's as the Div. reserve. Rcn Co CP opened at (719301) vicinity of Airfield. Rcn Co relieved 2nd Bn of 26th Inf. Regt at the following locations: 1R at (718304) . 2R at (720305) . 3R at (719298) . Pioneer Platoon maintained a one section outpost at (721302) . Balance of platoon in Co reserve. 2 EM LWA by enemy arty.

t. 20 March 1945: Weather: Continued warm, with high clouds. Visibility: Excellent.

Co "A" CP at Bruchausen (658228) . 2A & 3A attacked at 192000A with 2nd & 3rd Bn's, for their objective. 2nd Bn to cut road from Eudenback to Buchol and 3rd Bn to seize and secure airfield in vic (741308) . 2A seized its objective by 0300A and 3A secured -------- field but encountered strong resistance from south, east and north---- receiving strong counterattack during the morning which was repulsed. Co "B" CP moved forward from Honnef to Agithenberg (691301) . 1B with 1st Bn and 3B with 3rd Bn attacked at 0400A, 1B had secured its objective ------- towns of Willmerth (707333) , Beruerscheid (****45) and high ground at (705355) by 1500A and 3B with the mission of capturing Berghausen (694338) Berresbach (684342) and the high ground at (686354) had secured same by 1600A. At 2300A, 1A with 1st Bn jumped off for objective. Co "C" CP in Honnef (635266) . 1C with 1st Bn and 3C with 3rd Bn jumped off at 0200A for their respective objective of Oberpleis (678350) and Stielderterholm (647354) . At 0405A 1C had captured Bosenworth and Hasen Bosenworth and by 0500A the CR at (668342) with the Hill 220 and objective entirely cleared of enemy by 0945A. By 0232A 3C with 3rd Bn had cleared towns of Steinringen and Kippert and the objective was cleared of enemy by 1530A. 2C with 2nd Bn moved to Billinghausen. Rcn Co CP remained at (719301) . Co moved forward to occupy a better defensive position around perimeter of airfield (740304) . Co front extended from (737303) to (733309) .

u. 21 March 1945: Weather: Warm and fair. Visibility: Good.

Bn (-Co's A, B, C & Rcn) moved from Honnef to Heister-Bacherrot (650326) a distance of 12 miles closing 211445A. Co "A" CP remained in Bruchausen (658228) and all platoons remained in AT firing positions as of 20 Mar 45. Co "B" CP moved forward from Honnef to Hovel (691301) . 1B with 1st Bn drove forward to seize Sand (703350) . 2B with 2nd Bn seized Eudenbach (718323) . 3B with 3rd Bn occupied Rubhausen (694358) . Co "C" CP moved forward from Honnef to Bennert (655331) . 1C & 3C atchd to 1st Bn moved to and occupied Pleiserhorn (684364) . 3C killed 25 Ey soldiers with an ammunition expenditure of 25 rds HE. 2C with 2nd Bn remained in Uthweiler (669371) . Rcn Co assembled in Heister (644334) after being relieved from attachment to 26th Inf Regt at 212030A. Rcn Co reverts to control of 634th Tank Destroyer Battalion. 2 Rcn captured 2 PW's, Co CP at Heister (645335) .

v. 22 March 1945: Weather: Fair and warm. Visibility: Good.

Co "A" CP moved forward from Bruchausen to Dottscheid (668323) . All platoons were relieved by 2400A and assembled with their respective Battalions at the Co CP. Co "B" CP moved forward from Hovel to Oberpleis (677345) . 1B with 1st Bn remained in position and patrolled aggressively to their front. 3B destroyed 1 MG nest and moved to assembly area in Oberpleis. 2B assembled in Berghausen. Co "C" CP moved from Bennert to Uthweiler (668372) . 1C with 1st Bn, attacked at 1130A and secured the towns of Hofen, Oberbucholz, Lanzenbach and Niederbucholz, also RJ 683378 and 701378. 2C with 2nd Bn attacked at 1310A and cleared towns of Oberkumpei, Niederkumpel, Wippenhohf and Dunresback and the high ground at (688398) . Moderate Ey Inf resistance was encountered supported by a great deal of SP direct fire. Rcn Co was attached to 16th Inf REgt at 1600A, and remained in assembly area in Heister. Co CP remained the same.

w. 23 March 1945: Weather: Clear with moderate winds. Visibility: Very good.

Co "A" CP remained in Dottscheid and entire Co assembled in immediate vicinity. 26th Inf is in Div reserve. Co "B" CP remained in Oberpleis (679347) . At 2005A, 1B with 1st Bn attacked, followed by 2B with 2nd Bn at 2035A, and 3B with 3rd Bn at 2045A. As the attack began the Ey laid an intense arty barrage to the rear of the line of departure. At 2330A, the town of Willesburg had been cleared and the CR at (721360) had been taken. Co "C" CP remained in Uthweiler (668372) . All platoons pushed forward with Infantry to better defensive positions and by the close of period were preparing to attack for new objectives. Moderate to intense artillery fire fell during entire period. Rcn Co sub-attached to 2nd Bn, 16th Inf and moved forward to assembly area in Rott (667386) .

x. 24 March 1945: Weather: Clear and warm. Visibility: Good.

Co "A" CP remained in Dottscheid and all platoons reported to their respective Battalions at 1900A. Platoons now located as follows: 1A in Bockerath (653365) , 2A in Benninghausen (661344) , 3A at Wiese (648334) . Co "B" CP remained in Oberpleis (679348) . Platoons pushed forward in close support of their respective Battalions and during the day, 3B destroyed one Mark VI Tank at (740367) . Platoons were disposed as follows at close of period: 1B at Wellerburg (710356) . 2B at Uckerath (739368) . 3B at Knipigerscheid (731353) . Rcn Co attached to 2nd Bn and disposed as follows at 1000A: 1st Platoon in Oberkunpel (688393) , 2nd Platoon at Niederkundel (689399) , 3rd Platoons at Wiffenholm (684401) . The entire Co was relieved at 1630A by elements of 1st Bn, 26th Inf Regt and occupied new positions as follows: 1st Platoon plus 1 section of Pioneer Platoon in Soven (678391) , 2nd Platoon plus 1 section of Pioneer Platoon in Hennef (692419) . 3rd Platoon in Lanzenbach (700392) . Rcn Co captured one GP veh. Forward CP at Soven (678391) and rear CP in Rott (665398) .

y. 25 March 1945: Weather: Fair. Visibility: Good.

Co "A" CP remained in Dottscheid and 1A & 2A remained in assembly area with their respective Battalions. 3A with 3rd Bn, attacked at 0645A and seized the towns of Sommershof and Issertshof and CR (772368) at 2300A leading elements of 3A were fighting in the southern edge of Fernegierscheid. 2A with 2nd Bn moved from its assembly area at 1420A to attack east through 3rd Bn and at 2300A, had taken Hulscheid and Lindscheid and CR (787377) . Co B CP remained in Oberpleis (679348) . During the day, 1B & 3B with their respective Bn's maintained their present positions and patrolled aggressively to the front. 3B recd counter-atck at 1900A which was controled by 1900A. 3B destyd 1 SP Gun (88mm) & 2 Ey Strong Points at (739373) expending 13 rds HE, 1 rd APC, and 25 HVAP T4. At 2100A, 1B with 1st Bn motorized moved to attack objectives at (792358) and (797352) . Co "C" CP remained in Uthweiler (666373) . All platoons supported their respective Inf Bn's in the attack and 3C destroyed 3 Mk VI tks, expending 20 rds APC and 10 rds HVAPT4. 1C had one M-10 disabled by Ey mine, and 1 M-10 destroyed by direct hit from mortar shell on engine compartment. 2C destroyed 4 SP Guns (88mm) expending 40 rds HE and 10 rds HVAP T4. 1 M-10 of 2C destroyed by direct hit from enemy rocket in the turret, and 1 M-10 disabled by Ey mine. 3C had 1 M-10 destroyed by direct fire from Mark VI. CAsualties; 3 EM KIA, 5 EM WIA (evac), 2 EM WIA (remained on duty), 1 Officer LWA and remained duty. Co "C" 644 TD Bn relieved Co "C" 634th TD Bn in position and Co "C" 634th TD Bn assembled in Uthweiler for re-organization and refitting. Upon being relieved, Co C had 1 M-10 operational. Rcn Co attached to 26th Inf Regt at 1500A and ordered to occupy road block positions north and east of Uckerath. Platoons were disposed as follows: 1 Rcn at Ravenstein (760382) , 2 Rcn at (755375) , and 3 Rcn at (753376) . One 1/2 ton destroyed by Ey arty fire. Co forward CP established at Lobach (9755373)


z. 26 March 1945: Weather: Cloudy and showers in morning and clear in the afternoon. Visibility: Fair to good.

Bn (-Co's A, B, & C & Rcn Co) moved from Heisterbacherrot to Uckerath (740364) , a distance of 8 miles and closing in at 261415A. Co "A" CP moved forward from Dottscheid to Depenstepen (720365) . 1A with 1st Bn moved from assembly area to (783395) where a sizeable counterattack was beaten off and Bn occupied Juckenbach, Orlenborn and CR at (787402) . At 1930A, 2A with 2nd Bn jumped for the town of Eitorf and the town was cleared about mid-night. During the period, 1A destroyed 1 Mk V and 1 Mk IV tank, and 3 enemy strong-points. 2A destroyed 1 AT Gun, 1 GP vehicle and 1 ammunition trailer, and captured 50 PW's. Ammunition expended: 2 rds HE, 21 APC, 6 rds HVAP T4 and 220 rds Cal. .50 MG. Co "B" CP moved forward from Oberpleis to Mendt (767343) . 1B closed in assembly area at 0130A and at 0930A, moved to Hove, Obenroth, Huckenbrol, and Forst. At 3B moved to vicinity of (795355) and then attacked to seize Betke and Rodder. 2B moved to assembly area (834365) at 1420A. Co "C" remained assembled in Uthweiler re-organizing and refitting. Rcn Co moved to occupy road block at the following positions: 1 Rcn plus 1 section of Pioneer Pl at Ravenstein (760382) and 2 Rcn, 3 Rcn plus balance of Pioneer Pl assembled at Co CP.

aa. 27 March 1945: Weather: Cloudy and cool. Visibility: Poor to fair.

Bn (-Co's A, B, C & Rcn) moved from Uckerath to Witterke (847345) , a distance of 7 1/2 miles, closing in at 271845A. Co "A" CP remained in Depensiepen and all platoons moved forward during the period to new assembly areas as follows: 1A in Busenhausen, 2A in Fichelhardt and 3A in Hacksen. Co "B" CP remained in Mendt (767343) . All platoons moved forward in support of their respective Inf Battalions and by 2035A, the objective at (880420) , was secured and the 4th Cav had commenced the relief. Co "C" remained in assembly area in Uthweiler. Rcn Co provided zone Rcn for 26th Inf Regt in their attack on Eighelhardt and destroyed 1 Mk IV tk, captured 29 Pw's and killed 9 Ey suffering the following casualties: 3 EM KIA, 5 EM WIA (evac), 2 EM WIA and remained duty, (1 Rcn Co & 1 Med Aid Man). All platoons assembled at Eichelardt (976356) .

bb. 28 March 1945: Weather: Cloudy & cool. Visibility: Poor.

Bn (-Co's A, B, C & Rcn) moved from Witterke to Giesenhausen (988377) , a distance of 10 1/2 miles, closing at 281540A. Co "A" CP moved forward to Eichelardt (976356) . All platoons moved forward by bounds following up closely the advance of Rcn Co, 634th TD Bn. Platoons disposed as follows: 1A in Elben, 2A & 3A in assembly in vicinity of Oberharsbach. Co "B" CP moved forward to Weitseld (138362) . Platoons moved forward in an uneventful march to new assembly areas with their respective Battalions as follows: 1B in Biersdorf (150389) , 2B at Schutzbach (119400) , 3B at Daaden (164376) . Co "C" moved as a unit to forward assembly area in Weyerbusch (872351) , preparatory to rejoining 16th Inf Regt. Rcn Co moved out at 1315A and preceded the 26th CT with a zone rcn. Company reached and seized their final objective of Elben at 1420A. Co re-assembled in Erchelardt at 1900A.

cc. 29 March 1945: Weather: Fair & partly cloudy. Visibility: Good.

Bn (-Co's A, B, C & Rcn) moved from Giesenhausen to Flammersbach (309368) , a distance of 31.8 miles and closed in at 1730A. Co "A" moved forward in support of 26th CT and establish CP at Weidelback (380481) . Co "B" moved forward in support of 18th CT and established CP in Burbach (246387) . Co "C" CP moved forward from Weyersbusch to Nieder-Dresselndorf (283361) . All platoons rejoined their respective Bn's. Rcn Co detached from 26th Inf and attached to 16th Inf Regt at 0001A. 1 Rcn and 2 Rcn moved out at 1300A providing zone rcn for the advance of the 16th CT. One M-* destroyed by Ey mine and one 1/2 tone damaged by MG fire, and one 1/2 ton destroyed by Ey mine. 1 atchd Medic killed in action. 1 EM SWA (evac) and 2 EM LWA. Expended 1 rd APC and 20 rds HE (37mm). 120 rds Cal. .50 MG ammo expended, and 2,250 rds Cal. .c0 MG expended. Co CP at Wurgensdorf (275402) .

dd. 30 March 1945: Weather: cloudy. Visibility: Fair.

Co "A" CP moved from Eichelardt to Weidelbach (380481) . Platoons continued close support of Inf Bn's and were disposed as follows. 1A & 2A in Strassebersbach (410430) . 3A in assembly in Weidelbach (380461) . Co "B" CP remained in Burbach (246387) . Platoons disposed as follows: 1B in Rodgen (239498) , 2B in Haphorn (263502) , 3B in Elsern (217478) . 4 Ey strong-points were destroyed during the period with an expenditure of 12 rds HE, 11 rds APC and 275 rds Cal. .50 MG. E EM KIA. Co "C" CP remained in Niederdresselndorf (288361) . 16th Inf CT moved forward and was committed immediately to clear the area north of Heiger and platoons were disposed as follows at close of period. 1C in Wurgendorf (285403) . 2C in Wilgersdorf (291464) . 3C in Haincher (338509) . 2C destroyed 1 armd half track mounting (47mm) AA-AT gun. Rcn Co atchd to the 16th Inf Regt. 1 Rcn made a road rcn to Wilnsdorf and Wilgersdorf, engaging in a brief fire fight upon entering Wilgersdorf and destroying 1 half-track mounting a 20mm AA Gun, killing approximately 10 Ey soldiers. Co CP in Wurgendorf (275402) .

ee. 31 March 1945: Weather: Clouds with intermittent rain. Visibility: Poor to good.

Bn (-Co's A, B, & C & Rcn) moved from Flammersback to Biedenkopf (559567) a distance 28.1 miles closing in at 1610A. Co "A" remained with 26th CT in assembly areas as follows: 1A & 2A in Strasseb-Bersbach, 3A at Dante (434571) . Co CP established in Obr Hortess (493485) . Co "B" moved with 18th CT to assembly area in vicinity of Allendorf (650700) . Co "C" moved with 16th CT to assembly area in Winterberg (565889) . Rcn Co moved out at 0800A, providing zone rcn for advance of 16th CT. Co assembled in Winterburg at close of period.

2. Enemy Materiel Destroyed:

Mk VI4GP Veh's4
MK V3AT Guns2
MK IV2MG Nests1
SP Guns5Strong-Points9
Arm'd cars (& H.T.)2O.P's2

3. Enemy Personnel Losses:

Prisoners of War taken186
Enemy killed89*
* Note: Ey killed does not include Tank or Vehicle crews.

4. Our Material Losses:

Vehicles HitRecoveredTotal Losses
GP Veh211

5. Maps Used:

GSGS 4507 Scale 1/50000

Sheets No: 19, 20, 39, 40, 59, 60, 80 90, 100, 130

GSGS 4416 Scale 1/100000

Sheets No: R2, S2, R3, Q3