After Action Report: 634th TD Battalion - July 1944 (Map-enabled, v1.0) Original Report Document (PDF)

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Abbreviations used in AARs
APCArmor-piercing capped projectile
APOArmy Post Office
CPCommand Post
DOWDied of Wounds
EMEnlisted Men
FAField Artillery
GOGeneral Order
GPGeneral Purpose
HEHigh Explosive
KIAKilled in Action
LIALightly Injured in Action
LWALightly Wounded in Action
M-10U.S. Army Self-propelled Tank Destroyer vehicle
M-8U.S. Army lightly armored wheeled reconnaissance vehicle
MIAMissing in Action
Mk IVGerman Army Panzer IV medium tank
Mk VIGerman Army Panzer VI Tiger heavy tank
PWPrisoners of War
Rd(s)Road(s); Round(s)
SIASeriously Injured in Action
SWASeriously Wounded in Action
TDTank Destroyer
WIAWounded in Action
WOWarrant Officer
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Most of the map marker positions were computed from the after-action report coordinates using Thierry Arsicaud's "Coordinate Translator." His excellent utility transforms map coordinates from the Modified British System used by allied forces in the European Theater of Operations during World War II to decimal latitude/longitude values that may be used with various map tools.


APO 230, U.S. Army

4 August 1944

Subject: Action against enemy, reports after/after action reports.

To: The Adjutant General,
Washington D.C.

1. Original Unit: 634th Tank Destroyer Battalion. No change.

2. Changes in Organization: None

3. Strength: 0001, 1 Jul 44; 35 O, 1 WO, 621 EM; 2400, 31 Jul 44, 35 O, 1 WO 620 EM. Net loss 1 EM.

4. Station: France.

5. Marches: Not applicable.

6. Campaigns: Not applicable.

7. Battles: See appendix NO. 1.

8. Commanding Officer in important engagements: Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Henry L. Davisson

9. Losses in Action:

11 Jul 441st Lt.James T. Beavers, SWA01821961
Cpl.Herbert W. Haferman, SWA36267060
Sgt.Arthur G. Hamrey, KIA37045428
Tec 5William W. Welton, KIA37134309
Pvt.Alfred S. Anderson, KIA37125819
Pvt.Gerald Boven, KIA36181272
15 Jul 44Sgt.Leonard E. Larson, LWA37026205
24 Jul 44Pvt.Everett R. Clarke, KIA31064084
25 Jul 44Capt.Fred Knotts, Jr., SWA0405607
Sgt.Frank S. Przybylo, KIA36009978
Pvt.Neal G. Dunn, LIA16150985
27 Jul 44Tec 5Joseph B. Worthington, SWA34240614
28 Jul 44Sgt.Arthur G. Notschenbacher, SWA57026538
Pvt.Jacob Marquez, SWA37704572
Sgt.Everett F. Kline, KIA37043245
Cpl.James R. Ponder, KIA20715920
Pvt.Louie Long, KIA38211945
Sgt.John S. Fults, LWA20715909
Tec 5Le Roy F. Radloff, LWA36860013
Pvt.Frank F. Frabbiele, LWA38361171
29 Jul 44Sgt.Raymond J. Brygger, KIA37025697
S/Sgt.Donald I. Gilbertson, KIA20713157

10. Former and present members who have distinguished themselves in action: None

11. Photographs: None

12. Inclosures: No. 1, S-3 Journal, No. 2 Extracts of S-1 Journal.

Lt. Col., F.A.,

APPENDIX No. 1 to Action Against Enemy, reports/After Action reports.

1 Jul 1944

Battalion attached to 1st Tank Destroyer Group, VII Corp Reserve in bivouac at (336020) Battalion C.P. located at (336020)

2 July - - No Change

3 July - - No Change

4 July - - No Change

5 July - - Moved from bivouac area (336020) at 0700B. Closed into bivouac area at (397910) at 0805B. Bn. CP located at (397910) .

6 July - - No Change.

7 July - - No Change.

8 July - - No Change.

9 July - - Company A Alerted at 2150 B attached to 83rd Inf. Div. moved from bivouac area at (397910) at 2245B. Closed in assembly area (372803) at 2330B.

10 July - - Company A moved from bivouac area (372808) to assembly area (371789) at 0830B. 1st Platoon assigned 3rd Bn. 330th Inf.; 2nd Platoon assigned 2nd Bn. 330th Inf.; 1st Platoon moved to (385773) at 1000B. 2nd Platoon moved to (375773) 1000B.; 3rd Platoon remained in reserve (371789) . 1st Platoon fired 19 rds. at an enemy tank at approx (380760) with a probable hit. Platoon subject to small arms fire. 3rd platoon moved into position on right flank of 1st Platoon at 1530 B. Was subjected to small arms fire. All platoons withdrew to bivouac area at about 2100 B.

11 July - - Company A marched from bivouac area (372803) at 0600B to assembly area at (372785) . 1st section of 2nd Platoon moved to (375770) and was taken under fire by a Mk IV tank. Two M-10's were destroyed. The MK IV was later destroyed by combined efforts of tank and Tank Destroyer weapons. 2nd Section 2nd Platoon, moved south east with mission to destroy tanks along route. 3rd Platoon moved to (374774) and remained in reserve; was subjected to enemy mortar fire. All Platoons returned to bivouac area (372803) at 2000 B. 27 rds of APC, 10 HE Expended. Four EM killed and one officer and 1 EM wounded. Company C alerted at 2010B. Attached to 44th Field Artillery Battalion, 4th Inf. Div, effective at 2100B.

12 July - - Co A moved from bivouac area (372803) at 0545B to assembly area (372785) at 0900B. 3rd Platoon assigned to cover road net (374787) . At 1300B 1st Platoon attached to 330th Infantry as mobile reserve at (375774) . At 1900B 1st Platoon released and returned to bivouac area (372803) . At 1500B, 2nd and 3rd Platoons were relieved of attachment with 330th Infantry and attached to 329th Infantry and moved to (353782) . Assigned mission of driving tanks from road (344761) to (347765) . Reconnaissance made but suitable route not found. 2nd and 3rd Platoons returned to bivouac area (372803) at 2130B. Co "C" moved from bivouac area (358822) to vicinity of Culot (350790) . Closed in area 0630B. Moved from (350790) to (350830) with indirect fire mission to deliver harassing fire on targets designated by 44th FA Battalion. Fired 1st mission 1154B. Ceased fire at 2240B. 528 rounds of HE expended. Position strafed by an enemy plane at 2320B. No casualties.

13 July - - Co A moved from bivouac area (372803) at 0700B to assembly area (353782) . Closed 0800B. Mission given to support 1st Battalion, 329th Infantry. 1st Section of 3rd Platoon moved to (342763) ; 2nd Section of 3rd Platoon held in reserve at (341882) . 3rd Platoon subjected to sporadic enemy mortar fire during the day. AT 1500B, 3rd Platoon returned to assembly area. Company relieved of attachment with 329th Infantry and reverted to Battalion control at 0800B. Joined Battalion in bivouac area at 1900B. Co "C" fired indirect fire from position at (350830) . 30 concentrations assigned by 44th FA Battalion. 646 rds of HE expended. Fire unobserved. Relieved of attachment to 44th FA Battalion effective 2400B. Battalion less Co's A and C cleared bivouac area (397910) at 0850B. Closed in new bivouac area (360823) at 1025B.

14 July - - Company C moved by infiltration from bivouac area at (350830) to bivouac at (350820) . Closed at 1000B.

15 July - - Battalion attached to 1st Tank Destroyer Group, VII corps reserve in bivouac at (350820) CP located at (358822) . Battalion subjected to enemy intermittent artillery fire from 0020 to 0545B. One enlisted man of Company C was wounded.

16 July - - Company C moved by infiltration from bivouac area at 3582 to 3583. Closed at 1200B.

17 July - - No Change.

18 July - - Battalion under harassing artillery fire from 0810B to 0820B.

19 July - - No Change. Attachment as per Field Order No. 38 Hq. U.S. Inf. Div. dated, 19 July 1944; Battalion attached to 1st Inf. Div. Artillery.

20 July - - Battalion less Battalion train moved from bivouac area at (359825) at 2145B. Co A to bivouac at (430760) . Co B to bivouac at (415765) . Co C at bivouac (459754) . Battalion C.P. group and Reconnaissance Co less 3 Rcn Platoons to (439750) . Closed in new area 2320B. Co A attached to 745 Tank Battalion less Companies B and C.

21 July - - No Change.

22 July - - Co C relieved of attachment with 26th Infantry Regiment and attached to 8th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division, effective 2300.

23 July - - Co C moved from bivouac area at (459753) to bivouac area at (431695) . Closed 1200B.

24 July - - Co C 1st Platoon moved to direct fire positions in vicinity (430678) . Platoon was subject to mortar and artillery and direct fire. At 2100B Platoon returned to assembly area at (433688) . Pvt Clark of attached Ron Platoon, killed by artillery fire at 2330B. Pvt Rossio and Cpl Oklapek were wounded by shell fragments at 1530B; treated and returned to duty. Co B left bivouac area at (415765) at 2200B. Moved with Combat Team 18 towards Marigny. 1st Platoon attached to 3rd Battalion, 18th Infantry; 2nd Platoon attached to 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry; 3rd Platoon attached to 2nd Battalion, 18th Infantry. 1st Platoon and Co C.P. at (386636) ; 2nd Platoon at (396615) ; 3rd Platoon at (381634) . All Platoons in reserve have not been committed.

25 July - - Co C at 1000B, 2nd Platoon took direct fire positions in vicinity (430672) . AT 1200B, 1st Platoon took direct fire positions (430678) . At approximately 1500B Capt Knotts, CO Co C had his left foot severed by a stray round of 75mm AP (Enemy) that entered window of house used as C.P. 8th Infantry at (433678) , was evacuated to collection station. At 1615B Capt Olson was relieved of command of Rcn Company and given command of Co C. At 1830B, 3rd Platoon moved to direct fire positions in vicinity (429681) . Sgt Przybylo was killed by a 20mm shell. 1st Platoon destroyed one MK III Tank at (429661) at 2200B. Rounds expended: 20 HE, 20 APC.

26 July - - Co C Platoons remained in close support of Tank Infantry teams. 1st Platoon with 3rd Battalion, 8th Infantry; 2nd Platoon with 1st Battalion 8th Inf. 3rd Platoon in regimental reserve at (420666) . Company CP moved forward with regimental CP from (434687) to (426663) at 1600B, and again at 2200B to (416645) . Dispositions of Platoons at end of period: 1st Platoon (415621) , 2nd Platoon (394260) , 3rd Platoon (403632) .

27 July - - Company A left bivouac area at (430760) at 0700B. Moved toward Marigny with 765th Tank Battalion (-) Co's B and C (16 Combat team), went into bivouac at (385628) . At 1600B Company moved with combat team toward objective (Monthuchen). 2nd Platoon was left at (378618) to fire on house located at (370615) . 30 rounds fired. Company B for 27th July: 3rd Platoon attached to 2nd battalion 18th Inf. left bivouac area (387634) at 1800B. 1st platoon attached to 3rd Battalion 18th Inf., left bivouac area at (386656) ) at 2230B and marched to assembly area in general vicinity of (305610) .

28 July - - Company A less 2nd Platoon arrived in assembly area (304593) at 0145B. 2nd Platoon arrived at 0300B. Subjected to enemy artillery fire at 0400B; no casualties. At 0800B Combat Team started push toward objective. Two M-10's of 1st Platoon were destroyed by enemy fire at (300593) . Sgt. Kline, Cpl. Ponder, Pfc Long were killed. Pvt Trabbiele wounded. 10 rounds APC, 30 rounds HE fired on house vicinity of (296592) believed to be position of gun that destroyed M-10's. Results unknown. At 0945 Company returned to assembly area.

Company B under intermittent enemy artillery fire from 272315B to 280330B while in bivouac at (403610) . CP area bombed by enemy low level bombers at 0205B. 11 fragmentation bombs fell within 45 yards of Company CP. Sgt Notschenbacher, T/5 sweo, Pvt. Marquez slightly wounded; treated and returned to duty, equipment on vehicles slightly perforated but not seriously damaged. 2nd Platoon Company C expended 103 rounds HE supports 1st 8th Inf. firing at Inf. in buildings, hedgerows, and dug-in emplacements. One house believe to an enemy Div. was shelled, resulting in the surrender of a number of enemy troops.

Battalion CP and elements of Recon Company move from bivouac at (395651) at 1700B closed in bivouac (319599) at 1745B. Battalion trains moved from bivouac at (440751) at 1830B. Closed in bivouac (319599) at 2045B.

29 July - - Company A 3rd Platoon moved from (304596) at 290630B to position of readiness (295600) in support of 3rd Battalion 16th Inf. and moved to objective (263582) . 2nd Platoon attached to 1st Battalion 16th Inf., moved to objective (278558) . 1st Platoon attached to 2nd Battalion 16th Inf., moved to objective (295560) . All platoons reached objectives by 1500B. Company Commander took one German at (275585) at 1130B.

Company B--Company used as mobile reserve and anti-tank in vicinity Camprond (310610) . Company CP and 1st Platoon moved from (305610) to (311604) at 291100B. 1st Platoon in mobile reserve for the 3rd Battalion 18th Inf. 2nd Platoon in mobile reserve for the 1st Battalion, 18th Inf. 3rd Platoon in mobile reserve for the 2nd Battalion 18th Inf. All platoons opened fire on hostile aircrat at 1920B. 2nd Platoon located at (302608) . 3rd Platoon at (308612) .

Company C--CP elements closed in new location (379478) at 290315B. Attachment: 1st Platoon with 2nd Battalion 8th Inf. 2nd Platoon with 1st Bn. 8th Inf. 3rd Platoon with 12 Inf. Regt. 8th Inf. ordered to take over defensive position of 2nd Armored Div. in order to fill Armored Div. to sweep S.E. to (410458) thence west toward le Baurg.

29 July (Con't)-- 1st Platoon destroyed by fire, (2)Two MK IV at (361493) and (360494) at 0900B. 6 rounds were expended. At 0600B, 1st Platoon assisted in breaking up enemy counter attack in vicinity (376482) by firing HE, direct fire at enemy Infantry. 40 rounds expended. 50 Cal. Machine Guns mounted on M-10's were also used. Sgt Brygger was killed and Staff Sgt. Gilbertson received a broken arm when an M-10 was hit by a 75MM round. S/Sgt Gilbertson, later reported missing in action. 1st Platoon relieved of attack went toward Battalion 8th Inf. ordered to cover probably tank routes from Southwest and West (353457) . 2nd Platoon attached to 1st Battalion, 8th Inf ordered to cover routes to north west and west of Regimental Sector (356495) . Field coordination complete and guns in position by 1715B. Battalion CP and elements of Recon. Company moved from bivouac at (395651) at 1700B and closed at (319599) at 1745B. Battalion trains moved from bivouac at (440751) at 1830B and closed in bivouac at (319599) at 2045B.

30 July - - Company A - Company Assembled in bivouac at (278564) . Company B - left for forward assembly area at 2200B. Closed at 2400. Company CP at (329456) . 1st Platoon (317446) , 2nd Platoon (moving with 18th Inf.), 3rd Platoon (316450) . Company C - - 8th Inf and attached units alerted at 1145B for movement to assembly vicinity (370450) . 1st and 2nd Platoons moved into assembly area (353472) at 1230B. 1st Platoon Company C moved to Assembly area (366450) at 1630B. Closed 1715. 1st and 2nd Platoons relieved of attachment 8th Inf. and assigned to 4th Inf. Div. Company was alerted and moved to Cross Road (407457) to break up enemy tank threat from direction of Villebased (425460) . Report of tank threat proved to be false. 1st and 2nd Platoons went into Division reserve at (392469) at 2120B. 3rd Platoon remained attached to 12th Inf. 3rd Platoon at (408457) .

31 July - - Battalion Companies A, B and C moved from bivouac area (319599) at 0850B closed at 1045B. Company A moved from bivouac area at (278564) at 0300B to assembly area at (293445) . Closed 0700B. At 1900B Company left with 2nd Battalion 16th Inf. to march to objective (415165) .

Company B. No Change.

Company C - 3rd Platoon remained in Div. reserve at (392469) until 310800B when ordered to move to assembly (375452) . Closed in area at 2045B. 3rd Platoon in support of 12th Inf. at (398420) .

Battalion less Company's A, B and C moved from bivouac area at (319599) at 0850B. Closed in area (310454) at 1045B.